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We posses world-class manufacturing facilities for production of high quality Polypropylene (PP) woven fabrics, woven sacks / bags. The machine at our facility incorporate latest technology that provide great flexibility and cost saving in manufacturing process. Our manufacturing facilities include the following :

Extruders (PP / HDPE Stretching Lines)

We have two advanced range of extruder machines, which are based on latest European design technology to produce different kinds of yarns in colours. Both the extruders are based on of Kolsite make produces finest quality of yarn along with environment friendly operations.


  • Very Fine Quality of Yarns
  • High Flexibility to produce different kind of coloured yarns
  • European design technology
  • Make :Kolsite
  • Capacity : 400 KG/ HRS.
  • Number of machines : 2 Units
  • PP HDPE Stretching Lines

Cutting And Stitching Machine

We use latest model of cutting and stitching machines made by GCL. The new age machine cuts, bottom folds and stitches the bags or sacks. The complete processing is done just from the tubular fabric roll. These machines can carry operations like counting, stacking and conveying.

Features :

  • Make : GCL
  • Type: Cutting and Stitching Machine
  • Capacity : 3000 Bags/Hrs.

Circular Weaving Machine

The new generation circular weaving machine with six shuttle is designed to weave fabric suitable for a variety of applications like plastic granules/fertilizer/chemicals and smaller covering fabric/tarpaulin etc. Additionally, these machines have an option to produce Anti-slip fabric on special request.

Features :

  • Type : Circular weaving machine
  • Make : GCL
  • 6-shuttle: 80 looms
  • Capacity : 200000 meter/day

Woven Bag Sewing Machine

We have installed high speed, double needle woven sewing machines specially designed by Arm Strong. The double needles of the machine provide a long lasting stitch. These machine can efficiently stitch heavy weight material such as HDPE, PP, Multiwall Papers and other type of woven sacks. The bobbling stitching system of the sewing machine is designed to enhance the overall production efficiency.

Can use any type of cotton and synthetic yarns

Features :

  • Electrically operated
  • Easily convertible in single needle machine
  • Easy adjustment of distance between the needles
  • Fully automatic lubrication with oil recycling

Number of machines : 20

Hydraulic Bailing Press For HDPE/PP Bags

The hydraulic bailing press is used for pressing PP/HDPE bags to minimize the volume for convenient packaging & transporting. These machines are designed for free shift operation and can produce different pressure as per the requirement.

Features :

  • Compact hydraulic block
  • Overload protection valves
  • Push button operation
  • Preset bale height table auto stop
  • Pressure regulator and gauge
  • Emergency brake

We use multipurpose flexographic 4 colour printing machines for better print quality and clarity. These machines are equipped with statistically and dynamically balanced rolls and the gears of hobbing cut. The infeed and the outfeed system of the machine maintain constant tension of fabric for better print registration.

Features :

  • Turret unwinder with online manual splicing
  • Efficient and advanced auto tension control system and unwinder
  • Inline perforating unit
  • High frequency IGBT corona treater
  • Online Printing M/C – JP
  • Manual Printing Machine – Navjeevan
  • Number of machine – 2

We use high-technology laminating machines for woven fabric, cement bag, jumbo bag and tarpaulin. The unwinder and rewinder are driven by semi-automatic tension control. These laminating machines have turret unwinder for unwind plastic film and metalize film.

Features :

  • Make : JP Industries
  • Width of dye : 1800 mm
  • Capacity : 180 kg/hr
  • Type: Turnbar


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